Sticker art

Sticker art is a form of street art in which an image or message is publicly displayed using stickers. Stikers may be used to promote something, for example an artists work or a political agenda, or comment on an issue/policy, they are also a subcategory of graffiti, but are not actually considered graffiti.


I really like the idea of using stickers as a form of art, they can be placed anywhere and are eye catching, or can be depending on their placement. Stickers are easy to make and are cheap to produce, and are incerdibly easy to distribute and place. Like graffiti, stickers can show a message and make people think. People like being given stikers (if they are good stickers, of course) and end up sticking them on them selves, their cars, or just somewhere around like a wall or something, this is a good way to automatically transport the stickers without having to do them your self,this is a way of engaging the crowd.

I will look into artists that use stickers and experiment with their uses.


Image taken by myself


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