Subvertising is a combination of subversion (an attempt to transform the established social order and its structures of power, authority, and hierarchy) and advertising. Subvertising is the practice of creating parodies/spoofs of political and corporate advertisements. These can take the shape of an alteration of an existing image/icon or a completely new image. Subvertising is something that can change the way people look at something and can completely change their opinion, from corporate advertising such as food chains and technology Transnational Corporations, to political affairs. I will take pictures of adverts that I see around the cities that I visit, and I’ll attempt to create my own subvertisement.


The Adbusters Media Foundation is a non-profit, anti-consumerist, pro-environment organisation. They describe themselves as  “a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age.”. Adbusters are responsible for launching several international campaigns, these include Occupy Wall Street, Buy Nothing Day and TV Turn Off Week, and is well known for their subvertisements. ‘Thinner than ever’ – image from here ‘Brand Baby’ – Image from here ‘Reality for Men’ – Image from here

Poster Boy

Henry Matyjewicz, or Poster Boy, is a New York City based street artist who uses only a small razor blade. He is known for his satiric collage-like pieces which are created by cutting up sections of the self-adhesive advertisements found on the platforms in the New York City subway stations, and pasting them back in different positions on other adverts.

‘I See Bull Shit’

‘Radiant child’ in memory of Jean-Michel Basquiat

‘Interest Rape’ –  “Because when I die, buddy, you know what’s going to keep me warm, that’s right, those degrees” -Kanye West

Images from here

Billboard Liberation Front

The Billboard Liberation Front (1977) practices culture jamming by altering billboards by changing key words to radically alter the message, often to an anti-corporate message.

Above: before. Below: after

Money to Burn

Images from here

Photoshop on the U-Bahn Line

Unknown artist – images from here


US Marines: The Change is Forever

Unknown artist – image from here



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