City motion

As I’ve been looking round various cities I’ve been thinking about how the streets seem to have this sort of energy and a flow; looking at the roads there are many modes of transport, there seems to be a constant flow. The same can be said for people moving around the city and its streets, people follow paths, walkways and signs, it seems very orderly and smooth. I then notice all the lights that are illuminating the streets and how they seem to be emanating this sort of energy. I want to capture this ‘energy’ and ‘flow’ of the streets, I intend to do so using long exposure photography.

One of the artists that inspired me to do this is Patrick Rochon, as he produces pieces with light and captures the movement with photography.

I stumbled across this website which talks about ‘city flow’, it talks about the science of city walking and examines how pedestrians behave when moving through the city and how our behaviour is being captured to model the flow of people through the urban landscape. This is the associated video which shows pedestrian movement:

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This is a really nice timelapse video of Chicago, “The clip consists of over 30,000 still photographs taken between July and October of this year primarily around the bustling downtown areas including the financial district, Navy pier, Wacker drive and the lakefront.”.


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