Long exposure photography

Long exposure photography involves using a long duration shutter speed which allows for stationary elements to be sharp while obscuring, smearing, or blurring any moving elements, this creates clearly visible paths made by the light source.

Light painting

Light painting is a technique in photography where exposures are created by moving the camera or moving a hand held light source. This technique requires a slow shutter speed to gain the ‘painting’ effect. This form of photography sees the light source or camera as the paintbrush, and any area, surface, object, or anything as the canvas.

I am very interested in this form of photography, it allows you to create graffiti on walls, cars, and anything else, using a city’s urban environment as the canvas one can create non permanent art, where the image is the only evidence of graffiti being created. I will experiment with this art medium and see what the outcomes are and where I will be lead next.

Places/things to experiment with light painting:

  • street
  • park
  • skate park
  • bridges
  • roundabouts
  • flat surfaces
  • on and around objects
  • people (involving them in the photo)
  • create scenarios by adding objects
  • different light sources and variables – LED lights, laser, different colours, torch, mobile phone, intermittent light, street lighting, traffic lights, sparklers, steel wool, fireworks.

Michael Bosanko

Michael Bosanko is a light painting photographer who has created some unique works, my favourite and most inspiring piece by him is called “We Come in Piece”, which features a series of light figures that are made in a such a way that they seem to be interacting with their urban environment. Michael Bosanko’s light paintings have inspired me to look more into long exposure photography, and I will experiment and produce work in the style of his.

Images from here

Patrick Rochon

Patrick Rochon is a full time light painter who’s known for his visionary light painting portraits. He produces amazing images by moving light through various media and captures the movement with photography and video. His unique work uses lasers to illuminate subjects in such a way that makes them look ethereal.

Images from here


The German group Lichtfaktor is an artist collective exploring Light Painting Photography, Media Art Installations and innovative Show Performances on a professional level. They are responsible for some of the best knwon They use a range of different types of lighting which creates a pallet of textures for them to use, this has lead them to create some extraordinary pieces. Their transformation of everyday street objects such as bins, telephone boxes and street signs and animating them into creatures that wave their arms around and seem to spring out of the street.

Like Bosanko’s work, I like the idea of animating the streets and bringing them to life.

Images from here

Eric Staller

American born Eric Staller uses light and architecture as a medium to create and design works of art. A variety of light sources were used to create his pieces, often in the form of 3 dimensional lit installations. He manages to give the light itself a life of it’s own as it moves throughout the city creating shapes through the streets and paths.

1 HR01 004

1 HR01 002

1 HR03 061

Images from here


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