Wiggle stereoscopy

Stereoscopy is a technique used for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth in an image. Most stereoscopic techniques use two images which are offset, the brain combines these two images and gives the perception of 3 dimensional depth.

Wiggle stereoscopy

Like steroscopy, two offset images are present, but instead of your brain creating the 3D effect, the two images are made into a moving image by quickly alternating between the images. This is usually created using an animated GIF image or Flash animation. Parallax in images can give depth to the image, especially when there are many layers in the image (close and distant layers).

I like the idea of experimenting with 3D wiggle stereoscopy as it allows me to capture the streets in a way that makes you feel as though you are there when viewing the stereoscopic images. I will capture streets, building, objects and other subjects using this method and see what the outcomes are.

Initial experimentation

These subjects are from around my house. I used this website to create these GIF animations, I used this instead of Photoshop due to me not currently owning it on my home laptop, and the fact that the service that this website gives is easy to use and I simply want to see how this initial experimentation works out.

I tried using three different speeds (0.1 seconds, 0.2 seconds, 0.3 seconds) to see what the outcome was. I found that the faster the image moves, the more depth there seems to be, however looking at this for too long can be a little much on the eyes, so if you were to go for less depth but allow for more comfortable viewing then 0.2 seconds would be best. I will show these in 0.1 seconds to allow for the best results.

0.3 seconds

0.2 seconds

0.1 seconds


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