Pixel art – where I’m going with it

During my visit to London, I photographed lots of urban surfaces including walls, floors, buildings, tiles and bricks, unsure what I’d do with them initially but knowing I’d utilise them in some way, I now have a graphic experiment to go through with. Since this visit I have taken more photographs to try experimenting on different surfaces. Here are some examples of the surfaces:


Inspiration for this idea came from a few places, the first one being from this installation I stumbled upon in Southbank London, I liked the idea of creating a picture out of many more smaller pieces. It was this that made me look at mosaic art.



The second thing that inspired me to look into this occurred whilst looking outside of the window in the computer lab at the university, I looked at the buildings and the materials they were made from and how they formed to create the structures. The repeating pattern of the masonry made me think about pixels, the way they are neatly aligned would allow me to pretend that each building block was a pixel, and therefore letting me experiment on creating pixel art on buildings.


My third source of inspiration for this idea came partly from the indie game ‘Minecraft’, the game is made up of blocks, the face of each block is 16×16 pixels, each block is proportionally one cubic meter.


Image from here

The game is a sandbox game, this is where the player has the tools to modify the world themselves and create how they play.

“Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine.”

– Quote from www.minecraft.net/

Players create amazing structures such as castles, houses, villages and cities – Image from here

Minecraft city – image from here

Simple pixel art, here someone has created Mega Man, a character from the game of the same title in – image from here

An incredibly complex and life like piece of pixel art in Minecraft of the Mona Lisa – image from here

Minecraft has inspired me to attempt to create my own pixel art using my available urban surroundings in the city. I want to bring pixel art into the streets. I have been taking many pictures of brick work, tiles, floor patterns, masonry and architecture, these images will allow me to experiment with pixel art by digitally transforming them to create messages, images and other street art style art.


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