Pixels – experiment

With many photographs of buildings, walls, floors and other surfaces, I was ready to begin creating the pixel art on them. My first test was on some paved bricks. This is the process I went through to manipulate them:

  • brought the photograph into Photoshop
  • turned the image into a workable layer and then duplicated it
  • proceeded to select bricks using the selection tool
  • with sad brick(s) selected, I then change the hue, altering the colour
  • I tested a spectrum of colours to see what the result was

The next test was to actually create something using the surface, I chose a glass pained wall to be the subject, I chose this as all the blocks are in line meaning the end product would look more like a pixel art piece. This time instead of individually selecting each block, I opted for using the magic wand tool as I soon realised it would take me a long time to individually select each block. I chose to create a space invader as it’s one of the first things that come into my head when I think of pixel art, and also my recent post on the street artist Invader inspired me.

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