During one of my group tutorials, I was explaining my idea of pixel art and buildings, and I showed the group the research I had done on Minecraft saying how the game had inspired me, two people mentioned that it reminded them of Lego bricks, and how I should maybe try something with Lego.

While thinking how to incorporate Lego into the streets forced perspective was on my mind, I thought about the combination of the two together. What I want to do is create things out of Lego and place them in such a way that it looks as though the Lego is part of the street, I would then capture this by photographing it. I’d try and replace things that were already there such as a building, and I’d also create and place new Lego objects that aren’t there. I’d do this with a range of subjects these include:

  • buildings
  • structures
  • people
  • open spaces
  • surfaces such as floors and walls
  • cityscapes
  • objects
  1. signs
  2. table
  3. Bench
  4. vegetation – trees and flowers
  5. vehicles
  6. light
  7. windows
  8. phone box
  9. post box
  10. aerial
  11. clock
  12. sculpture
  13. roads
  14. people (interacting)
  15. bridge

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